Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Factor in Success WEBINAR

Thursday, April 9 8:00am - 10:00am

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Emotional intelligence is an individual’s capacity to understand both their own and other people’s emotions, as well as how to react to these feelings in an appropriate manner. Research proves that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a compelling predictor of personal, professional and social success. Every business leader can improve their Emotional Intelligence, including you. Many businesses utilize EI for promotions and hiring. This session will discuss the twelve keys to EI and proven tactics to help every aspiring leader “work smarter”.


What is ‘Emotional Intelligence’? Understand emotions, your emotions and others. Utilize appropriate social skills. Understand the value of a timely pause. Why should you forgive and forget? Properly manage emotions. Know how to handle pressure and setback.


Some management experience might be helpful.

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All professionals at every level.


What Emotional Intelligence means. Why Emotional Intelligence is the key factor in management success. How to improve your Emotional Intelligence.







Don Minges

Don Minges is a fractional CFO who worked in diverse industries at various stages of development. He has experience in profitability enhancement, strategic planning, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, consulting, turnarounds, economic forecasting, cost accounting and financial analysis. Don has experience raising equity for several growing firms and has also invested equity capital into promising businesses. He has served on the Board of Directors of many firms. Mr. Minges graduated with highest honors from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke.

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Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00