Gaining a Competitive Advantage: Critical Skills For CFOs and Controllers WEBCAST

Friday, April 24 12:30pm - 4:00pm

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All organizations are looking for ways to gain an advantage over the competition. This practical and interactive session will present a toolkit of ideas to help CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals better position their organizations for the future. We all know change is occurring at an exponential rate and by completing this course you will be able to assist your organization in making key decisions affecting critical aspects of the business such as enterprise risk management, financial risk, cash management, credit decisions, and much more! Become the “financial hero” of your organization and make a positive impact on the bottom-line.


Pricing and costing strategies. Expense control that works. Better credit decisions. Financial risk analysis. Enterprise risk management. Use and misuse of derivatives. Improving bank relationships and cash management.


Experience in financial management of a small or midsize company.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals.


Make better financial decisions that have a positive impact on the organization. Lead the organization into the rapidly changing decade. Apply the latest tools and techniques for a positive impact on the organization.







Arthur Pulis

Arthur G. Pulis has been actively involved in training and consulting since 1981. During that time he has been awarded numerous awards as a training professional by state CPA societies, banking organizations, and the AICPA, where he was included among the top seminar leaders several times. Prior to entering consulting, Pulis had a varied career in financial services having worked for The Bank of New York and other banks in New Jersey. For several years, he was founder and chief operating officer of Horizon Creditcorp, which was then the world’s largest yacht finance company.

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Non-Member Price $200.00

Member Price $159.00