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Wednesday, May 13 12:00pm - 12:50pm

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Since the introduction of the modern mutual fund in 1924, no other investment product has been as important to investors as the target date fund (TDF). Paul explains how TDFs work, 10 reasons TDFs are likely to make investors more money, 6 reasons many TDFs make investors less than they should and how to select the best-performing TDFs. For investors willing to add a second fund, to work along side their TDF, Paul shows how to substantially increase the expected life-time return with a “2 Funds For Life” strategy. Theoretically, the TDF only requires an investor to make two major investment decisions. Investors in their working and saving years, only need select the year they expect to retire, and the TDF takes care of all investment decisions. The second decision, which likely happens at retirement, is a bit more complex, as the investor needs to decide how to invest during retirement, while providing regular income to meet their cost of living. Paul discusses four possible investment strategies that can be used by investors through the end of their life.


All about TDFs, plus “A Dozen Million-Dollar Investment Decisions” that will likely improve the financial future of any investor, with or without TDFs.



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Anyone interested in learning about investing for retirement


Learn how to select target date funds that will best serve their own and their clients’ personal and business needs. A carefully chosen TDF could easily add an additional 1% to their long-term annual return, without taking additional risk.





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