Social Security and Medicare: Planning for You and Your Clients WEBCAST

Tuesday, July 21 8:00am - 4:00pm

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Social Security seems poised for changes in benefits and eligibility age. The leading edge of the baby boomer generation has already reached retirement age. Financial and tax planners can expect increased demand for strategies that dovetail Social Security with other retirement and estate planning objectives. This course provides tax and financial planning professionals with both the background information on the Social Security system and the strategies clients will need in dealing with Social Security, and the myriad other related retirement planning issues.


Legislative developments. A full chapter devoted to determining the best planning options for maximizing joint Social Security benefits. Retirement benefits: Amount of benefits in various circumstances; how the amounts are distributed within the family unit. Qualification: Has the client retired? How business entities may be used for Social Security advantage. Income taxation of Social Security: avoidance tactics. Spousal benefits: Should a spouse return to work? What benefits does a spouse have and when and how do they relate to benefits decisions by the client? When can hiring the spouse increase overall benefits? Why should both spouses qualify for survivor benefits? Disability benefits. When to start Social Security benefits: Advantages and disadvantages at ages 62, 66, and 70. Coordinating benefits: Should you take Social Security first and higher-balance IRA distributions later, or take IRA balances first and enhanced Social Security benefits later? Pensions: Distribution strategies: how to use the minimum distribution rules in concert with Social Security benefits. IRAs: Is it time to convert to a Roth? Medicare, Part D prescription drugs: what retirees need to know.




Identify who is entitled to retirement benefits and in what amounts. Identify factors to consider in determining when to take benefits. Discuss taxation of Social Security benefits and how this impacts other income tax planning dentify and describe the potential effects of retirement and estate planning strategies and tactics that can enhance overall retirement. Explain Medicare and the prescription drug provision; describe the basic supplementary insurance plans that are available to fill in the gaps in basic Medicare coverage.







William Taylor

Bill Taylor is President of Benefit Solutions, Ltd., an employee benefit consulting firm based in Oxford, Mississippi. Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Taylor was the Employee Benefits Coordinator in the Jackson, MS office of KPMG Peat Marwick before joining a regional CPA firm with a large benefit administration practice. He has also served as a trust officer, designing retirement plans for a large regional bank.

A nationally known consultant and speaker, Mr. Taylor’s articles have appeared in numerous publications. He is also an editor of the American Society of Pension Actuaries’ facsimile newsletter, “ASPA ASAP”, and serves on ASPA’s Government Affairs Committee and the advisory board of Panel Publishing’s “Distribution Advisor” newsletter.

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Non-Member Price $410.00

Member Price $310.00