Internal Control and COSO Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants, and Auditors WEBCAST

Thursday, October 29 6:00am - 2:00pm PDT

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Many managers, supervisors, and accountants in business, government or nonprofits are not able to identify their departmental policies and procedures that function as the primary controls against errors and fraud. Alternately, auditors performing field work may be confused about how to interpret and evaluate management’s documentation of accounting processes and controls. Neither party may truly understand how their duties differ. After an overview of the COSO guidance on the components and principles of internal control, this course introduces participants to basic tools used to document processes and controls. Participants also discuss the identification of the risks of errors and fraud and consideration the presence (or absence) of related controls.


Components and principles of internal control, Concepts associated with the COSO framework, Management responsibilities vs. auditor responsibilities, Common significant accounting processes, Tools and techniques used for internal control documentation.




When you complete this course, you will be able to: Recall factors that an auditor should consider when obtaining an understanding of the entity and its environment, including internal control. Identify keys to success in designing a control environment with strong internal controls. Recall internal control objectives, components, and principles. Identify tools that can assist in the documentation of internal control.







Glenn Helms

Dr. Glenn L. Helms was the Arthur Young Fellow in IT Auditing at the University of Houston and has served as Director of Certification for the International Certified Information Systems Auditor program. He has served on numerous national and international academic and professional committees, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Auditing Standards Board’s Computer Auditing Subcommittee and its Specialized Accreditation Board.
He has numerous years experience in public accounting and serves as a consultant to various organizations. He has provided consulting services to Fortune 100 firms, Big Four CPA firms, financial institutions, government agencies and various other entities throughout North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He has presented over 2,000 professional seminars and has published over 50 articles in a wide range of practitioner and academic journals. He has served on the editorial advisory boards of several national and international journals. His books address security, fraud, and internal controls (for small and public entities) in a variety of systems, including E-commerce and cloud computing. He has written numerous book, including those published by the AICPA some of which include – Purchasing, Inventory and Cash Disbursements: Common Frauds and Internal Controls; Revenue and Cash Receipts: Common Frauds and Internal Controls; Internal Controls and IT: Reliable Reporting and Fraud Prevention; E-Commerce Controls and Audits; Common Fraud: A Guide to Thwarting the Top Ten Schemes; and Internal Control Essentials for Financial Mangers, Accountants, and Auditors.
Glenn has been awarded the outstanding Discussion Leader Award from the AICPA for numerous consecutive years. He has received similar awards from state societies and universities.

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Non-Member Price $339.00

Member Price $279.00