Audit Working Papers: Documenting and Reviewing Field Work WEBCAST

Tuesday, November 10 8:00am - 4:00pm PST

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8 Credits

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Working papers are the building blocks of an audit. If it’s not in the working papers, audit quality may suffer, as the manager and partner might not know about it or its ramifications may not be fully considered. Understand the professional standards regarding working paper documentation. Make this course part of the firm’s quality control system. Learn the fundamentals of working paper preparation - form and content - to make sure audit considerations, work performed, and conclusions reached are properly documented. You will also explore examples which show field work supervisors what factors to consider and what steps to follow when reviewing working papers. In addition, typical working paper deficiencies are explained to help minimize potential liability.


Definition of and basic requirements of a working paper. Preparing and maintaining working papers. Different types of working papers. Documenting audit tests. Improving working paper technique. Working paper basics. Conducting the review. Common shortcomings of working papers. Case study example.




Identify professional standards regarding working paper documentation and proper working paper technique. Identify the tasks in supervisory-level reviews of working paper documentation for audit engagements necessary to ensure compliance with current professional standards.




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Non-Member Price $349.00

Member Price $249.00