3 Market Analysis Priorities to Drive Profitability WEBINAR

Wednesday, November 11 8:30am - 10:30am PST

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If you only analyze financial statements, you are probably missing many opportunities to increase profitability and cash flow. In this session, you will learn a process involving three key types of market analysis areas: 1) Business offerings, 2) Market segments, 3) Geographic pockets. Developed through 30 years of studying entrepreneurial enterprises, this session brings new thinking around profitability that encompasses an inside-out-look, leading to better strategic decisions and profits. You will walk away with an analysis tool you can immediately put to use that will improve your organization’s promotional strategy, marketing concentration, price justification, operational decisions and cash flow.


Take product analysis beyond net margin and volume pricingAnalyze business offerings for more effective bundling or promotional advantage. Discuss how internal efficiency factors influence profitability. Gain better insights into how to classify offerings as core, value-added or for potential elimination. Identify key factors that could shift your market segment priorities, Justify the decision to shift your priority to more profitable customersIdentify geographic pockets for competitive advantage and better strategic decisions. Cases and Group Discussion. This seminar includes six studies and analysis activities to guide this application into your business.


Management experience helpful


Understand three types of market analysis that can help make your business more profitable.





Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00