Real-World Fraud Found in Governments and Not-for-Profits WEBCAST

Tuesday, November 24 8:00am - 4:00pm PST

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What do you think of when you hear the word “fraud?” Are you concerned for your clients or your organization? Through a comprehensive learning approach using examples and informative case studies, you will learn about real-world government and not-for-profit fraud, including cyber fraud, and your responsibilities when dealing with fraud. Since recognizing fraudulent or deceptive practice is not always easy, this course will highlight frauds headlining today’s news and sharpen your forensic skills with techniques to help you identify behavior tendencies which may lead to fraudulent activity.


Misappropriation of assets and benefits. Cyber fraud. Personnel fraud. Grant expense allocations. Management override. Pledges and contributions. Procurement cards


Knowledge of government and not-for-profit sectors


Determine how interim fraudulent reporting may impact planned reliance on internal controls and any related audit procedures. Identify the auditor’s responsibility with respect to fraud in a financial statement audit. Identify how personnel policies and procedures can be circumvented and lead to possible fraud or abuse. Apply potential ways to follow up on noted indications of fraud, abuse, and weaknesses in internal control. Determine how management override of internal controls can lead to possible fraud.




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  • Jeanette Bax-Kurtz

Non-Member Price $349.00

Member Price $249.00