IRAs and Roth IRAs - Pots of Gold at the End of the Rainbow WEBCAST

Monday, December 7 6:00am - 2:00pm PST

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Systematic saving and intelligent use of tax breaks is critical to being able to retire at all and retire well. This course locks down on building a future to count on. Updated in July 2018, the course takes a fresh look at the tax and asset protection aspects of individual retirement accounts under the Tax Cuts Jobs Act and recent important court decisions. Please Note: If you need credit reported to the IRS for this IRS approved program, please download the IRS CE request form on the Course Materials Tab and submit to


Deductible, nondeductible, spousal, conduit, traditional and Roth IRAs, Qualification requirements, investment restrictions and constructive receipt, Income tax reporting and disclosure rules and income tax withholding requirements, Early distribution penalties and how to avoid them, Conversion from traditional to Roth IRA, recharacterization and reconversion, New restrictions on recharachterization - How to not get hurt, Rollovers, trustee to trustee transfers to/from IRAs, qualified plans and decedents, Forced distributions (RMDs) at retirement and after death, Estate planning: Optimal beneficiary designations, avoiding IRD problems, funding marital bequests, special Roth features, charitable giving and estate liquidity, Proving basis in a nondeductible traditional or Roth IRA - What to do if you can’t, Taking the mystery out of prohibited transactions and preventing them, Taking the mystery out of prohibited transactions and preventing them, Self directed IRAs do’s, don’ts, upside, treachery - Oh, how sweet they can be




Learn IRA income and estate tax planning best maneuvers, Investigate available asset protection features of IRAs and how to keep them, Understand foundational requirements, operational boundaries, opportunities and pitfalls of both conventional and self directed IRAs and Roth IRA, Explore what is possible and how to avoid what can go horribly wrong with self directed IRAs







Bradley Burnett

Bradley P. Burnett is a tax accountant and attorney with an emphasis on tax planning and tax controversy. Prior to establishing a law firm in 1990, Burnett worked as a tax senior for a national CPA firm, tax manager for a local CPA firm, trust officer for a major bank, and managed the tax department as a partner in a medium-sized Denver law firm.

Burnett has delivered more than 650 presentations on tax law and tax planning to CPAs, attorneys, and civic groups throughout 46 states, Washington, D.C., and British Columbia. He has authored the texts of 12 full-day CLB/CPE courses, authored tax materials for Commerce Clearing House, and written various articles for tax journals and legal journals in the past 14 years.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in accounting and law degree, he earned a master’s in taxation from the University of Denver in 1984. Burnett has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.

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Non-Member Price $245.00

Member Price $195.00