4 Critical Factors to Create Sustainable Growth WEBINAR

Friday, December 11 6:00am - 8:00am PST

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The world changes rapidly. If your business strategy is not built on this premise, you are already falling behind. Intelligence, emotional acumen, agility, and profitability are all critical to growth, and essential amidst constant change. Based on validated research and best practices, this session will introduce you to a Sustainable Growth ModelT to enhance your organization’s ability to grow organically through four critical success factors: 1) Intelligence Quotient (IQ); 2) Emotional Quotient (EQ); 3) Velocity Quotient (VQ); and 4) Profitability Quotient (PQ). When all four quotients operate at high levels, you are in the best possible position for sustainable, value-building growth.


Intelligence Quotient areas that management must embrace. The tangibility of a high Emotional Quotient on growth and profitability. Why high IQ+EQ are imperative to momentum-building decision making. How a low Velocity Quotient bleeds profits, fuels disengagement, and stagnates growth. 4 focuses of profitability allocation that stimulate vitality and sustainability. This webinar will help you identify shifts your organization should make to enhance your growth strategy. You will receive a model to analyze where your organization may be falling short, where you need to begin shifting, and where you need to focus for sustainable organic growth.




To learn 4 critical factors which will help create sustainable growth in your organization.


Corporate strategy experience helpful



Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00