2020 CPA Technology Trends Update WEBINAR

Tuesday, December 15 6:00am - 2:00pm PST

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One of the biggest professional challenges for CPAs, CFOs, controllers and auditors today is keeping current with the rapid pace of information technology. This course explores the new and emerging technologies impacting the fields of accounting, finance, auditing and business in general. Covering the full landscape, from the ground level of personal computer technology to the 5,000-foot level of emerging mega technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotic process automation and more, this session provides the latest update. Investing a day to attend this course prepares you to actively participate in discussions with management, IT and service providers topics related to information technology.


The current state of computer technologies such as server infrastructure, PCs, laptops, mobile devices, displays and more. Cloud based software update. ERP workflow and productivity apps. Emerging mega technologies at the core of “Industry 4.0”, what they are and potential applications. KPI dashboards. Artificial intelligence. Robotic process automation. Blockchain. Understanding the role of the Office 365 ecosystem in building a cloud-based digital office.




Recognize and be aware of the important technology trends that will impact you and your organization. Recall the important aspects of these technologies to prepare you to participate in discussions with your colleagues. clients. customers. IT staff and service providers. Select a strategy for how to integrate these technologies into your operationsIdentify the emerging skills that will benefit you professionally.







John Higgins

John Higgins, CPA, CITP, is Strategic Technology Advisor, and co-founder of CPA Crossings, LLC, , which since 2001 has specialized in helping accounting, tax and financial professionals leverage technology to increase the quality and efficiency of their services. In 2017, John launched the company’s Office 365 Learning Center for CPAs which offers a curriculum of over 50 unique courses covering every aspect of Office 365.

John is a nationally recognized speaker on CPA technology, past chair of the Michigan Association of CPAs, former national consulting partner with BDO, LLP, and co-author of 10 Steps to a Digital Practice in the Cloud, published by the AICPA. He was awarded the Top 25 Thought Leader award by the CPA Practice Advisor (2011 – 2017), and the Michigan Association of CPAs Innovative User of Technology award, and is an AICPA Business & Industry CPA Hall of Fame inductee.

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Non-Member Price $299.00

Member Price $199.00