Financial and Tax Accounting for Partnerships and LLCs WEBINAR

Thursday, December 17 9:30am - 1:30pm PST

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This program compares and contrasts the financial accounting for partnerships and LLCs, as well as discusses the tax accounting for these entities. It includes a thorough discussion of the important differences between financial accounting for partnership capital accounts and the tax accounting for partnership capital accounts. Financial accounting for operations of a partnership will also be addressed.


Review of the Accounting Standards Codification and its application to partnerships and LLCs. Review of OCBOA and its application to partnerships and LLCs. Review of the new AICPA financial reporting framework for small and medium-sized entities. Integration of these financial reporting approaches with accounting for issues in the formation of partnerships and LLCs. Financial accounting issues arising from changes in ownership of partnership and LLCs. Financial vs. tax accounting for partnership/LLC capital accounts. Review of Section 704(b) substantial economic effect rules and their relation to financial accounting. The integration of financial accounting for partnerships/LLCs with the Form 1065. Financial accounting basis for ownership interests vs. tax accounting basis for ownership interests. Deferred tax accounting for partnerships/LLCs. Completion of the Form 1065 Schedule M-1. Financial accounting for the operations of a partnership/LLC.Partnerships/LLCs as part of other entities.




To help understand how financial accounting applies in the partnership setting with special emphasis on accounting for capital accounts.







Steven Dilley

Steve Dilley is President of Federal Tax Workshops, Inc., East Lansing, Michigan, where for the past 35 years, his organization has prepared continuing professional education materials and presented seminars for accountants and attorneys throughout the United States. He is nationally known for his knowledge of the financial, accounting, and tax problems of the closely held business. He has published numerous articles on these topics.

In addition, Steve is a Professor of Accounting at Michigan State University, East Lansing, where he teaches tax accounting. He was nominated in 2004 for the “Educator of the Year Award” and received the 2005 “Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award” in Michigan. He also received the 2007 MSU Accounting and Information Systems Department Outstanding Teacher Award.

He obtained his PhD in accounting, law degree and an undergraduate accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a member of the Michigan Association of CPAs, Wisconsin Bar Association, The American Accounting Association, AICPA, American Tax Association, and Hawaii Association of Public Accountants.

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Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $139.00