Making Internal Audit an Asset for the CFO WEBINAR

Thursday, December 17 8:30am - 10:30am PST

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Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) created a specific deliverable for Internal Audit causing many CFO’s to underutilize this important resource by not focusing on the other areas where Internal Audit can improve controls and productivity and reduce cost and risk. In this session veteran Chief Audit Executive Charles Silvey will discuss often overlooked opportunities for internal audit to add value.


Overlooked benefits your Internal Audit function can provide; Developing finance personnel Broadening finance staff assignments, Creating guest auditor rotations to develop and share best practices, Improving operational auditing, Enhancing compliance auditing, Creating third party auditing process to ensure outsourced risk is managed, Driving a culture of control.


Some auditing experience is helpful


Understand how to utilize your Internal Audit resources to improve operational and financial performance.





Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00