Rita Crundwell: Largest Municipal Theft in U.S. History WEBINAR

Saturday, January 30 6:00am - 10:00am PST

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Incredible story of how a high school graduate stole $53 MILLION from a town of 16,000 people with a $10 million budget.


A fraud so outrageous, it’s a movie, Were the auditors independent? How Crundwell evaded detection for 20 years, Impact on CPAs’ license, How did the auditors assess risk? What audit procedures were performed, or not, Fake documents Crundwell created, Did the auditors detect the fraud? Actual court filings for the malpractice lawsuit, What were the malpractice allegations? How much the fraud cost the auditors, What happened to Crundwell’s family.




What you will learn: How to comply with independence requirements, How to maintain professional skepticism, How to comply with the requirement to be competent, How to identify conflicts of interest, Simple controls that would have deterred the theft, The damage of a malpractice lawsuit.







Gary Zeune

Gary D. Zeune, CPA, is a nationally recognized speaker and writer on fraud. He is founder of The Pros & The Cons, the nation’s only speakers bureau for white-collar criminals. With 35 years of experience in auditing, corporate finance, and investment banking, Mr. Zeune provides CPAs, attorneys and executives with hands-on experience regarding fraud and corporate strategy performance improvement.

Prior to forming his consulting practice in 1986, Mr. Zeune was an Assistant Vice President of Corporate Finance at The Ohio Company, a Columbus, Ohio investment banking firm. He also spent more than five years in Treasury and Finance at Wendy’s International, where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, financial and SEC reporting, and corporate finance. Mr. Zeune has instructed Strategy Formulation and Implementation in the Executive MBA Program and Accounting and Honors Finance at The Ohio State University.

He is the author of The CEO’s Complete Guide to Committing Fraud and Outside the Box Performance.

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Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $139.00