Recession Preparedness for Businesses WEBINAR

Tuesday, March 9 6:00am - 7:00am PST

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While no one can accurately predict market movements and the timing of the economic cycle, we know that an eventual recession is inevitable. This session examines practical techniques for recession preparedness for businesses. We look at helping clients perform a financial gut-check including evaluating CAPEX timing, human resources, tightening budgets and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. Learn how to serve your clients with in-depth knowledge of how to not only survive a recession but to prepare to capitalize on the opportunities they present.


History of Modern Recessions (Post WWII), their commonalities, potential triggers and monetary policy preceding, during and following each occurrence. Opportunities presented by recession for businesses, Practical ideas for businesses to prepare for and increase their chances of surviving, and thriving, during a recession, How CPAs can assist their business clients in preparing for and capitalizing on recession opportunities.


Basic knowledge of recession


Participants walk away with tips on how to examine their business so they are prepared in case of a recession.







Leon LaBrecqu

Managing partner and founder of LJPR, LLC, a firm managing over $300 million in assets. A true visionary who brings the experience of many different fields to the table, he has provided integrated, comprehensive financial advisory services to thousands of people for over two decades. A practicing attorney who specializes in financial planning, estate planning, business and tax planning for individual and business clients, Leon’s extensive experience includes work with Arthur Andersen, Plante & Moran, PLLC, and the University of Detroit. He is also the former Dept. Chair of Finance and Economics at Walsh College, where he created the College’s Master in Finance program. Leon is the author of 14 proprietary retirement/financial planning programs for clients including General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Lucent, States of Montana and Washington, AT&T and CalPERS, among others. He regularly appears on television and radio programs nationwide, presenting on various economic and financial topics.

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Non-Member Price $69.00

Member Price $49.00