Blockchain for Financial Advisors WEBCAST

Thursday, March 11 7:00am - 1:00pm PST

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This webcast will provide CPAs, tax professionals, financial planners and other professionals with practical literacy on blockchain and determine the potential use for and current implementations of blockchain technologies within the financial advisory industry. In addition to other areas, we will review cryptoasset investment options, exchanges and platforms that offer individual investment services, institutional investment trends, and the impact that tokenization is already having on the investment advisory field. Blockchain is transforming how transactions occur, how they are recorded, and how those records are maintained within the financial advisory services. This dynamic webcast looks at three use cases to demonstrate how blockchain can be implemented within financial planning to reduce errors, increase transparency, and drive investment opportunities. You will examine the implications, success and failure factors in addition to other considerations within use cases covering; blockchain driven investment options, deploying capital with cryptoassets and the tax implications.


Brief overview of the basic concepts behind blockchain technology. Use cases that illustrate the impact of blockchain on investable assets. Analysis of how blockchain and cryptoassets are evolving the world of financial advisors. The future of financial advisors and financial advisory firms.


Describe the basics of blockchain technologies and its current and future impact on the FA industry. Define the available blockchain options. Describe the various blockchain offerings to clients and customers. Summarize how smart contracts, stablecoins, and other market innovations are driving investment choices in the blockchain space. Describe how FA’s and other financial advisory professionals can adapt and integrate these options into their offering to clients and customers.







Sean Smith

Dr. Stein Smith is an expert and sought after speaker focusing on the intersection of financial services and technology to improve the reporting process. He is a regular contributor to the official IBM’s Blockchain Unleashed website, analyzing applications for blockchain technology on business at large, as well as being a regular expert guest on China Global TV Network discussing blockchain and related applications. He is also a member of the North American Working Group of the International Integrated Reporting Council, where he works to improve the adoption of more comprehensive reporting frameworks. Sean is a member of the Advisory Board for the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, which coordinates with the AICPA in developing standards and reporting frameworks in this emerging area. Additionally, his analysis and thought leadership in has been featured in dozens of articles, including a 2018 feature article in the CPA Journal. Sean has given dozens of presentations of technology and accounting, both domestically and internationally. He is currently under contract to publish two full length books focusing on integrated reporting, and blockchain applications for financial services and other industry sectors.

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Non-Member Price $379.00

Member Price $299.00