Risk, Cost, and Cash Management for Controllers and Financial Managers WEBCAST

Friday, March 26 8:00am - 11:30am PDT

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When an organization fails, it is usually due to several factors. These often result from a number of undetected, poor practices that infect and grow throughout the entire organization. They can include a lack of understanding of costs, poor asset allocation, systems that support the status quo, failure to identify risk, tunnel vision by management, and so on. Often, management will repeat poor practices across the enterprise. For example, do you think a so-called “budgeting crisis” is normally due to the budget, or actually hidden, existing problems that were uncovered due to the budgeting process? This course demonstrates the use of practices and techniques specifically designed to assist CPAs and other financial professionals in adding value to their company through improved decision- making, cost management, understanding business cycles, managing continuous improvements, cash management, and risk management. Examples of actions by both successful and failed organizations are used throughout the session.


Techniques and ideas to establish and maintain an effective organization, Examples of successful and failed companies as a source of learning, Identification of broad measures that provide insights into the direction of the economy, Practical ideas to improve forecasting Framework and methods to uncover and manage risk


Management experience in accounting, finance, or operations


Identify and correct practices that can negatively impact an organization. Determine and measure cost drivers and trends. Recall how to navigate an organization through the business cycle. Apply and manage a variety of improvement programs. Apply cash management activities and consolidate them into an organization’s plans. Identify and identify how to manage risk throughout the enterprise.







Ronald Rael

I am usually irreverent, sometimes satirical, and always provocative! I want you to become the best leader you can be!

I deliver fresh perspectives and amazing insights on high quality leadership so that you to fully grasp how good and bad leadership affects every issue and challenge you face.

I deliver SOLUTIONS that address the Human Element of Leading others; tools that instigate good change.

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I develop leaders worth following.

I am CEO and founder of the High Road® Institute and I work with open minded organizations that want to develop a culture of leadership that will ensure they have the right leaders in the right place at the right time.

I have over 40 years of business leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, in mid-market companies, and in small business. I have worked with Cabela’s, Costco, Microsoft, Starbucks, Bright Horizons, Radio Shack, the U.S. Navy, and many organizations you have never heard of.

My extensive wisdom and practical solutions, contained in 19 books and numerous programs, is derived from training and coaching over 14,0000 business leaders throughout the United States and Canada.

As my client, you will • Receive tools to bringing people together in collaboration and cooperation. • Learn how to improve accountability, • Know how to transform a culture. • Be more confident in leading a team or company, • Have better governance and / or risk management.

When I am ‘in your house,’ you will have fun while we embark on a journey, exploring the Art of Leadership through amazing leadership experiences.

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Non-Member Price $205.00

Member Price $155.00