Understanding ESOPs-A Powerful Tool For Companies And Their Owners WEBCAST

Monday, December 7 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

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The employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a unique structure that enables shareholders of privately held corporations to liquidate stock on remarkably attractive terms through a sale to an employee benefit plan. Gain a clear understanding of ESOPs, how they work, and the situations where they are attractive.


The identity of an ESOP as a qualified retirement plan, Tax savings associated with ESOPs, Valuation of stock to be sold to an ESOP, Financing an ESOP’s purchase of stock, Scenarios in which ESOPs are most attractive, Corporate governance and control, ESOPs in S corporations, Ongoing maintenance and operation of an ESOP.


Needs a Prerequisite for an intermediate level course

Designed For

CPAs, attorneys, CFPs and others who advise privately-held business owners


The technical nature of the ESOP as a qualified retirement plan, Unique tax advantages associated with the ESOP, How an ESOP can provide liquidity to private company shareholders, Common scenarios in which ESOPs are attractive, The process of assessing the feasibility of an ESOP, The process of implementing an ESOP, Ongoing maintenance and operation of an ESOP





Non-Member Price $150.00

Member Price $111.00