Corporate Governance, Fraud and Control: Setting the Strategy and Executing it Efficiently WEBCAST

Tuesday, February 16 8:30am - 4:30pm PST

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According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses lose in excess of $1 Trillion annually to fraudulent behavior. Explore the role of governance and its connection with risk, fraud and control. Review fraud case studies, including suggestions on how to mitigate risks. Identify fraud mitigation tools and ten keys for creating a fraud-savvy environment. Fraud never rests, nor should you. Stay current in this entertaining and interactive seminar! Formerly titled:Fraud, Governance and Control in a Corporate Setting: Avoiding Habitual Complacency.


Corporate governance, COSO internal control and ERM frameworks, Relationship between risk, fraud and control, Fraud: Primer, mitigation techniques and case studies



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Financial professionals.


Identify the meaning of governance. Recognize the relationship between risk, fraud and control. Recall the basic concepts of fraud. Determine two simple ways to mitigate fraud in your company. Identify who is really responsible for fraud prevention in your firm. Recall the COSO internal control and ERM frameworks. Identify ten keys to a fraud savvy environment.







William O'Brien

William F. O’Brien, MBA, CPA, is a financial management consultant and educator with over 40 years’ experience. He has held senior financial management positions with Intel and ROLM and served as CFO for several emerging, high technology companies. Bill has extensive experience in corporate planning, fraud assessment, control, financial analysis, cash management, managerial accounting, and financial reporting in both domestic and international settings. Bill has served on the faculties of Santa Clara University and San Jose State University.

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Non-Member Price $395.00

Member Price $295.00