Managing Your Time As If It Was Your Money WEBCAST

Thursday, February 25 10:00am - 12:30pm PST

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In today’s business world we’re all strapped for time. Whether you feel energized or depleted depends on how you invest your time. Think of time as a currency and you’ll be able to increase your ROI; leveraging techniques to improve time management. This session will: Review an Excel tool to clarify how you spend your time. Identify low-yielding activities to eliminate. Uncover opportunities to increase your performance. Create an action plan to increase effectiveness in daily routines while prioritizing tasks.


Time management, Prioritization, Productivity, Self leadership



Designed For

CPAs, accountants, financial professionals and staff.


Review an Excel tool to clarify where you are spending your time. Determine what activities produce low yields and should be shifted. Identify opportunities for investment activities that will increase your performance. Create an action plan to enhance effectiveness in your daily routines and prioritization of tasks.





Non-Member Price $100.00

Member Price $75.00