Accounting Analysis Basics WEBCAST

Friday, March 12 8:30am - 4:30pm PST

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8 Credits

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Develop financial reporting expertise to conduct an accounting analysis and detect distortions in financial statements. Accounting savvy permits the business analyst to leverage financial information to manage and implement business plans. Gain the tools necessary to become skilled at such analyses, including the instructor’s Open Balance Sheet. Review the impact of financial and accounting data on the function of capital markets in relation to the changing economic landscape and globalization.


Accounting analysis and methodology. Factors influencing the quality of accounting-based financial reports. Impact of emerging business models on balance sheets. Introduction to instructor’s Open Balance Sheet.



Designed For

CPAs and financial professionals.


Identify techniques to effectively manage through higher-quality financial analysis. Determine areas of improvement for better asset utilization. Implement superior business plans through informed financial analysis. Determine costs and restructure a stronger revenue-generating balance sheet. Identify methodology consisting of six steps in analyzing accounting data.





Non-Member Price $395.00

Member Price $295.00