Leadership Mastery 2020 Webcast Series - Fundamentals of Strategy and Tactical Management

Monday, October 26 1:00pm - 3:00pm PDT

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During this first webcast of the Leadership Mastery Series you will learn new strategies and behaviors for increasing your effectiveness with colleagues, employees and leaders in today’s hybrid, global marketspace. Whether you are a professional or leader, how you engage others today directly impacts the performance of those around you. This session will provide you with tools for objectively managing and developing staff, assessing the most effective leadership engagement style for various situations, and building a winning culture while staying organized.


Learn new strategies and behaviors for increasing your effectiveness with colleagues, employees and leaders in today’s hybrid, global marketspace.



Designed For

CPAs, finance professionals and students looking for leadership skills to help them thrive in these challenging times


  • Assess how prepared you are to meet the demands of today’s new normal business climate. Use the Player Capability Index™ diagnostic instrument to evaluate individuals’ ability to execute at the performance level needed within the organization and gain objective insights for talent management, development and succession. 
  • Assess the most appropriate strategic and tactical leadership engagement style via the Managerial-Leadership L-Grid/6-Block™. With this tool you will be able to accelerate 1:1 interaction and avoid micro-management situations.
  • Benchmark your personal and organizational factors that lead to winning culture and productivity with a 7-Point Operational Organizational DNA Checklist.



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Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee has been called one of leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists” today … he started his first business at age 15 and sold it before going to college. By age 24 he was recognized by a Fortune 500 company as their top salesman in the nation, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified Sales Instructor in the world for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After experiencing downsizing in 1987 he went on to work as a sales associate for the nation’s largest educational and youth advertising/marketing firm Target Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer within two years.

Jeff is well credentialed. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Professional Direct Marketer and has been recognized as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” known as TOYA by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. A three term President of the Oklahoma Speakers Association, and awarded twice their Professional Speaker Member of the Year, today the Chapter’s outstanding member of the year is awarded the “Jeff Magee Member of the Year Award.”

Today, Magee is the writer of the national Leadership Column that you may have seen in your own local business newspaper, writer of Performance Driven Selling eZine, serves as the publisher of PERFORMANCE Magazine®, and is the author of more than 20 books, transcribed into multiple languages, including four best-sellers. His McGraw Hill book, the Sales Training Handbook©, sold out its first international print run in just three weeks and has gone on to be an international best-seller in China, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Poland. And his current sales book it!© is already into multiple print editions. PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING© is a best selling audio program as well.

Many of the Fortune 100 firms today use Jeff for PERFORMANCE EXECUTION® in transformational selling and recruiting strategies and tactics.

The United States Junior Chamber contracted with Jeff to design the integrated train-the-trainer program ACTION INSTITITE on membership recruitments for the national organization. Magee was commissioned to design, train and present a new series of national leadership and sales recruitment programs for more than the 5,000 professional sales recruiters and sales managers with the US ARMY National Guard. For this he has subsequently received the prestigious Commander’s Coin of Excellence.

The London Business Gazette has hailed Jeff as “An American Business Guru” … Recently President Bush and the United States ARMY National GUARD recognized him with the high honor of the “NATIONAL Guards Total Victory Team” medal of honor for his work with the nationals GUARD Recruiters, in fact of the top ten States last year, eight were his clients. However, more important than Magee’s credentials and accomplishments, he will deliver ideas we can use immediately to improve our own personal performance.

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