Leadership Mastery 2020 Webcast Series - Coaching for Impact

Monday, November 30 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST

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During this second of three webcasts in the Leadership Mastery Series you will better understand that the way you communicate, engage, motivate and lead your peers and employees has a direct correlation to how engaged we are with others and how connected we will want to become.  Sharpen your ability to bring the best of you and draw out the best in others in today’s professional environments.

Level up with the Leadership Mastery Series!


Better understand that the way you communicate, engage, motivate and lead your peers and employees.



Designed For

CPAs, finance professionals and students looking for leadership skills to help them thrive in these challenging times.


  • Better understand how diversity (generational, gender, ethnicity, etc.) within your talent pool is your strategic advantage in the workplace. Learn how to apply the ABC-MAPS Model™ to ensure objectivity in a world of subjectivity.
  • Avoid communication breakdowns and implosions. Understand how to apply the 5-Step Coaching Communication Model™ in every communication exchange and easily adapt it into various communication channels.
  • Engage negative and difficult people and constructively covert interactions into constructive engagements in 60 seconds or less every time. Learn how to apply with mental and physical precision the Negativity Conversion L-Grid Model™.with mental and physical precision. 



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Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee brings more than two decades of executive and corporate development expertise, with the last decade working in both the start-up to mature-growth market business sector and with differing state National Guard adjutant generals across America. Dr. Magee has and maintains long-term clients working with associations and organizations at the board level and across the C-suite. Beyond this, he recognizes the critical importance of working with an organization’s entire human capital platform from onboarding, integration, and sustained engagement. Jeff works with organizations (profit and not-for-profit, private and public sector) that earn multimillion to six billion dollars.

Raised on a farm, Jeff understood the reality of hard work, ethics, and drive. He started his first business at age 15 and sold it before going to college. By age 24, he was recognized by American Home Products, a Fortune 500 company, as its top salesman in the nation, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified sales instructor for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After experiencing downsizing in 1987, he went on to work as a sales associate for the nation’s largest educational and youth advertising/marketing firm, Target Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer within two years.

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Non-Member Price $50.00

Member Price $40.00