Introduction to Sustainability Accounting: Overview and Hands-On WEBINAR

Wednesday, October 28 2:00pm - 4:00pm PDT

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Sustainability Accounting (SA) is now a well-defined speciality for accountants and business leaders.  The AICPA, Institute of Management Accountants, International Federation of Accountants and other associations have published detailed guidance on how accountants can and must add competitive value to their clients using SA.   Impact and "ESG" investing is the fastest-growing finance trend and it depends on good SA.  This fast-paced class is a hands-on tour, using the restaurant sector as an example, how to identify relevant sustainability metrics for a client's industry, how to find sector-specific solutions for improvement, and how to plan and implement a sustainability reporting program.

NOTE:  This broadcast is a combination of two previous events: "Introduction to Sustainability Accounting Part One: Overview WEBINAR" broadcast on September 18, and "Introduction to Sustainability Accounting Part Two: Hands On WEBINAR" broadcast on October 7.  If you have attended either of these past events, you will not be able to claim CPE credit for this combined event.

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From AICPA, IMA, IFAC and others:   The role of accountancy in sustainable development.  How accountants must support and can lead internal sustainability programs.  What is “material” to account for in industry sectors.  The AICPA Sustainability Assurance guide.  The “Essential Guides” for maturing the financial management of an organization to fully encompass and manage sustainability risks.  From the instructor:  Presenting sustainability in financial statements.   The Sustainability Accounting Cycle integrated with annual financial reporting.  How to help small businesses with sustainability. 



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Accountants and business leaders.


Learn about the role of accountancy in sustainable development and how accountants can lead internal sustainability programs.


For downloads of accounting association guides to Sustainability Accounting, visit



Burt Hamner

Burt Hamner is a true pioneer in Sustainability Accounting. After graduating from Harvard College, he earned Masters degrees in Marine Studies and in Business Administration from the University of Washington in 1988.

In 1993 he wrote the first Environmental Management Accounting Guidelines for the Washington Department of Ecology. These were and are fundamental in the development of SA into its new dimensions of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Burt helped over 100 Seattle-area companies and organizations create profitable environmental improvement plans. In 1995, for WSCPA he presented the first USA course on SA for CPAs.

He went on to become Professor of Environmental Management at two international business schools and a consultant to the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the UN and others. He catalyzed and developed the first CPE for Accountants in environmental accounting for the Philippine Institute of CPAs.

Since 1995 he has trained over 3000 business managers how to implement sustainability tools and practices to increase profits and decrease risk. Burt has received dozens of awards as a professional speaker and a “Chasing Genius” Award from National Geographic Society. In 2019 Burt presented a new version of the SA course for WSCPA and received 4.99/5 stars from 298 participants. In June 2020 he received the Certificate in “Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting, Level 1” from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

He recently formed a new Washington corporation, Sustainability CPE Inc, to develop new CPE courses on Sustainability Accounting and looks forward to making new friends in Washington’s accounting and finance community. He can be found on linkedin at:

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Non-Member Price $100.00

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