Internal Customers: Winning from the Inside Out WEBINAR

Friday, October 29 6:00am - 7:00am PDT

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If you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers. It’s as simple as that. Who is YOUR internal customer? As organizations hyper-focus on customer-centric transformation, the needs of your employees and managers will shift too. Create a differentiated customer experience for your people. Learn how to identify and visualize their pain points and opportunities. Optimize their employee experience using key consulting skills and journey maps that deliver actionable insights. This will have a direct impact on your external customer’s experience!


Steps to move to/improve the internal focus to employees first, customers second and its value proposition in driving better external customer service. The psychology and importance of language in communicating employee value. Create a journey map of your internal customers to identify all your team’s touchpoints within your organization, their motivation and pain points, and their current and desired journey. The role of your team’s mission, vision and strategy when working with internal customers. The role of stakeholders and how to use journey maps to identify and manage them. How to maximize the team’s touchpoints with your internal customers. What consulting skills your team needs to provide excellent internal customer service. How to pivot to building trust with your internal customers digitally.



Designed For

CPAs who are looking to employee care.


Describe how a focus on employees first can drive sales results. List the steps you can take to change the focus to employees first and customers second. Identify language that changes an employee’s perception of who is important to the organization and why. Create a journey map. Identify how to use your mission, vision and strategy with internal customers to influence outcomes. Identify stakeholders using journey maps and list engagement techniques. Describe examples of touchpoints and list techniques to maximize them. List consulting skills necessary to provide excellent internal customer service. List techniques to build trust with internal customers virtually.






  • Tammy Daugherty

Non-Member Price $69.00

Member Price $49.00