What Fraud Schemes Exist in Your Organization WEBCAST

Thursday, November 11 8:00am - 4:00pm PST

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Many costly fraud schemes have occurred repeatedly throughout the past several decades, mostly due to the lack of implementation of internal controls and a fraud risk mitigation plan. The advancement of technology and the increased sophistication in committing fraud are also impacting organizations and affecting their bottom line. The Business Fraud Risk Framework identifies various types of fraud that can be perpetrated across an organization. This course will provide insight into the framework and focus on the most prevalent fraud schemes affecting organizations.


Business Fraud Risk Framework. Cyber fraud. Misappropriation of assets. Money laundering. Financial statement fraud. Investing/Ponzi schemes. Bribery. Risk mitigation techniques.



Designed For

Individuals looking to understand various fraud schemes and how to mitigate these risks.


Distinguish between different fraud schemes within the Business Fraud Risk Framework. Identify the most prevalent fraud schemes perpetrated across organizations. Describe the adverse impacts on an organization as a result of perpetrated fraud schemes. Identify red flags for each of the fraud schemes. Recall an effective root cause analysis. Distinguish the methodology of how frauds are committed. Identify trends in various types of fraud. Recall how to mitigate fraud within an organization with properly designed internal controls and other methods.







Anne Marchetti

Ms. Marchetti has 20 of years of finance and accounting experience in both private industry and public accounting. She is a Sarbanes-Oxley subject matter expert, focusing on internal control systems and procedures to produce reliable financial information as well as the development of corporate governance programs. As a thought leader in this area, she has assisted in developing a compliance methodology and has spoken at numerous conferences as well as published several articles on this particular subject. Ms. Marchetti recently authored a book entitled Beyond Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance - Effective Enterprise Risk Management.
Ms. Marchetti served as Parson Consulting’s leader in the Sarbanes-Oxley practice and has worked with numerous clients on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance initiatives. She interacts frequently with Audit Committees and Board’s of Directors in regard to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and Enterprise Risk Management. Ms. Marchetti leverages this experience with a unique blend of technical skills. Her expertise includes management of ERP software implementations from a technology, process and accounting perspective. She has designed training programs for end users and consultants on various business software applications and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance as well as ERM and has conducted over 200 formal training seminars.

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Non-Member Price $309.00

Member Price $259.00