Auditing Financial Statements of ERISA Plans WEBCAST

Monday, November 22 10:00am - 2:00pm PST

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Employee benefit plan (EBP) audit engagements continue to be scrutinized by regulators and peer reviewers, due to a history of noncompliance with applicable professional standards. Auditors are required to have proper skills to perform EBP engagements effectively. In this course, you will focus on auditing the statement of net assets available for benefits and the statement of changes in net assets available for benefits. As the most common type of plans audited, you will take a deep dive into defined contribution plans to comply with professional standards, ERISA and SEC requirements. Tap into ways to plan and conduct effective risk-based plan audits to comply with professional standards while maximizing efficiency.


Auditing the statement of net assets available for benefits. Types and classification of common plan investments. Plan investment audit objectives and audit procedures based upon type of audit and risk assessment. Auditing the statement of changes in net assets available for benefits. Audit procedures required for investment income, investment expenses, contributions, and benefit payments or withdrawals. Presentation and disclosure requirements in accordance with GAAP. Implementation of SAS Nos. 134-140.



Designed For

Auditors of EBPs, practitioners considering the addition of EBP audits as a service offering, and accountants in business and industry responsible for company benefits.


Recognize the line items of the statement of net assets available for benefits. Indicate the activity reflected in the statement of changes in net assets available for benefits Identify presentation and disclosure requirements for plan investments and other assets. Distinguish applicable auditing standards based upon implementation of SAS Nos. 134-140. Understand plan investments, as well as management and auditor responsibilities. Recognize audit procedures commonly required in a 401(k) plan audit.







Randy Dummer

Randy M. Dummer, CPA Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, PLLC/Chattanooga, TN

Randy Dummer is a Partner with HHM in the accounting and audit area, joining the firm in 2011. He is the engagement partner on several employee benefit plan audits at HHM, as well as for automobile dealerships, manufacturers, not-for-profit organizations and other commercial businesses. He also performs numerous peer reviews and serves on the East Tennessee Review Acceptable Board and the Tennessee Peer Review Committee.

He was previously the firm wide leader for the employee benefit plan audit practice at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP in Appleton, Wisconsin. The practice consisted of approximately 700 engagements performed by personnel in eight different offices. In this role, Randy developed and taught the firms internal training annually for their benefit plan audit staff, updated tools and templates, and served as the primary technical resource for employee benefit plan audit issues. He has extensive experience with audits of employee benefit plans, as well as not-for-profit organizations, and commercial businesses. He has been teaching seminars for the AICPA since 2003. Randy is a 2012-13 recipient of the AICPA Outstanding Instructor Award.

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Non-Member Price $219.00

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