Taxation of Corporations WEBCAST

Friday, December 3 8:00am - 4:00pm PST

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8.0 Credits

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This comprehensive course, developed by Sid Kess, is designed to guide practitioners through the numerous concepts and rules applicable to income tax accounting, tax return positions, and disclosures for C Corporations and S Corporations.


Formation of corporation and Section 1244 stock. Income: dividends, interest, rentals, capital gains. Salaries, employee benefits and retirement plans. Economic performance and other deductions. Net operating losses. Personal Service Corporations. Case studies for tax return preparation.


3-5 years of tax experience.

Designed For

Tax professionals in public accounting: seniors, supervisors, and managers.


Identify the benefits of forming a corporation. Apply the rules for transfer of assets and liabilities to a new corporation. Review the accounting methods available to a corporation. Understand reasonable compensation issues with respect to a C Corporation and to S Corporation shareholder-employees. Analyze the best retirement plan recommend for a corporation. Recognize economic performance, including issues and deduction limitations related to bad debts, rent, tax, and interest expense. Determine the availability of tax credits and other entitlements related to retirement plans for a corporation.






  • Brian Greenstein

Non-Member Price $309.00

Member Price $259.00