Individual Tax Fundamentals WEBCAST

Tuesday, December 14 7:30am - 3:30pm PST

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This webcast provides participants up-to-date information on critical tax issues, giving them an outstanding foundation in the federal tax arena for individuals. It is critical that you ensure your clients receive the most current tax planning and tax-saving strategies for their tax plans. Join us for this face-paced, real-world session and make yourself look like a hero in your client’s eyes. Let us help you sort through the maze of tax compliance and tax planning strategies to make sure you are taking advantage of present opportunities and preparing for the future. The webcast materials include the latest legislative and IRS guidance on key tax reform topics.


Filing requirements and personal exemptions. Gross income inclusions, exclusions, and adjustments. Travel and entertainment. Standard and itemized deductions. Tax and tax credits. 0.9% Medicare Payroll Tax. 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax. Income exclusions. Hot tax planning strategies for individuals and small businesses. Roth IRA, IRA and retirement plan options.


Knowledge of individual income taxation and Form 1040 preparation.

Designed For

CPAs working with clients or employers requiring up-to-date expertise in individual income taxation for the current tax season.


Determine the filing status and interpret the filing requirements for individual taxpayers. Determine gross income inclusions and exclusions around dividends and interest. Differentiate the taxability of deferred income, Social Security benefits, and other taxable in-come. Apply the specific rules for the deductibility of travel and entertainment expenses as they relate to business or rental transactions in preparing income tax returns. Recognize Education related expenses and the rules for Health Savings Accounts. Distinguish between standard and itemized deductions including medical expenses, interest, taxes, charitable contributions, theft losses, and miscellaneous deductions. Gather the necessary information required to include tax credits on an individual tax return. Recognize when the Medicare Payroll Tax will impact an individual. Identify the applicability of the Medicare tax on Net Investment Income.







William Harden

Bill is an Associate Professor in the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNC Greensboro where he teaches tax courses on flow-through entities, individual and corporate tax, tax research, IRS practices and international tax. Prior to teaching, Bill was a Senior Tax Accountant with an international CPA firm as well as a tax accountant for an international oilfield services company.
In addition to his university teaching, Bill consults on tax and financial planning issues. He has testified before the House Ways and Means Oversight Sub-Committee on internet taxation issues. He was the recipient of a Lybrand Certificate of Merit in 2002.

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Non-Member Price $339.00

Member Price $279.00