CPA Super Search: A New Research Checklist System for Google WEBINAR

Wednesday, December 29 9:30am - 11:30am PST

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2.0 Credits

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The course introduces CPA SuperSearch, a new research checklist system for Google developed especially for accountants. Discover how to use the app to gain a competitive advantage in your due diligence. Uncover highly relevant and timely business insights and accounting information that’s typically not highly ranked in Google’s choice architecture. Avoid websites that often don’t deliver value. The app combines the power of Google with the precision of checklists to create a whole new approach to online research. Learn how to walk through even the most complex and challenging research tasks with greater confidence and skill. Your career as a trusted business advisor now depends upon it. Any edge you can use to gather Google information faster, earlier, or more efficiently is now a top priority in this pandemic era of exploding data, accelerating automation, and ferocious digital competition. You’ll walk away with new search superpowers that will enable you to look at Google – and the world – with fresh eyes, fewer blind spots, and increased situational awareness.


CPA SuperSearch overview.



Designed For

Practitioners who want to improve their Google game and future-proof their careers in an era of exploding information, automation, and competition.


Take your Google search skills to the next level. Automatically create advanced queries that are more analytical, observant, and pragmatic. Research topics from multiple contexts, lines of sight, and domain intersections. Discover new and exciting online information that is practically invisible to even the most web-savvy knowledge professionals. Overcome common blind spots, biases, and misinterpretations in information gathering and decision-making. Improve signal detection to avoid due diligence failures. Enhance the effectiveness of your positive and negative assurance reporting.







Garrett Wasny

Garrett is an award-winning speaker and professional development consultant to professionals worldwide. He will help you to thrive in the digital age and unleash your online potential using productivity, search, mobile and social technologies.

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Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00