Deferred Prosecution Agreements: How to Qualify WEBINAR

Thursday, January 20 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST

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This course will help business owners understand more about government investigations, and how to qualify for deferred-prosecution agreements if they’ve been targeted. Despite a business owner’s best intent, employees or partners may make bad decisions. Regardless of intention, those business decisions can lead to government investigations. In some cases, they can lead to injunctions, fines, disgorgements, or charges for white-collar crimes. By understanding the risks of a government investigation, a business owner may want to take steps to qualify for a deferred-prosecution agreement, or better yet, a non-prosecution agreement. These agreements are negotiated settlements that can limit costs and intrusions into business operations.


Government investigations and how they begin. What prosecutors want to know. Respondeat Superior: What should business owners know. Proactive steps to qualify for a deferred-prosecution agreement. What is the difference between a non-prosecution agreement and a deferred-prosecution agreement? What is a well-designed compliance program? How do business leaders demonstrate a good faith effort when it comes to compliance training? Deferred-prosecution agreements in real life.



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Business professionals that offer services to other business professionals.


Understand how government investigations begin. Differentiate between deferred-prosecution agreements and non-prosecution agreement. Identify questions prosecutors will ask when assessing whether a business should qualify for a deferred-prosecution agreement. Explain how business owners benefit by preparing compliance programs to qualify for a deferred-prosecution agreement. Show why corporate documentation and training materials may lessen vulnerabilities to government investigations.






  • Michael Santos

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00