Influencers: What They Really Want and How to Get Unstuck WEBINAR

Friday, February 25 8:30am - 9:30am PST

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One of the most powerful change tools is effective stakeholder management. While it does utilize communication capabilities, management involves so much more! Learn how to identify, assess, manage, and influence anyone who can make or break your change efforts so you can move your vision, programs, and projects forward.


Identifying the different types of stakeholders. How to assess the influencing power of each stakeholder. What is most important to stakeholders. Categorize stakeholders by how you will manage them. Practical tools to proactively manage stakeholders. Influencing types, the one that is most successful and how to build skills to master it. How to build trust with stakeholders. The types of resistance and how to overcome them proactively. What gets you stuck and how to get unstuck.



Designed For

CPAs, executives, board members, legal representatives, policymakers and other decision makers interested in learning how to be an effective change leader.


List the different types of stakeholders. Describe how to assess the influencing power of a stakeholder. Describe a method to learning what’s important to a stakeholder. Categorize stakeholders according to how they will be managed. Describe three tools to assess and manage stakeholders. List the influencing types. Identify the most successful influencing approach. List two ways to build trust with stakeholders. List 4 types of resistance and a technique to overcome each one. Describe two behaviors that can cause a stakeholder to withhold their support and how to manage.






  • Tammy Daugherty

Non-Member Price $69.00

Member Price $49.00