How to Handle an IRS Civil Audit WEBINAR

Wednesday, March 9 6:30am - 8:30am PST

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Do you have a plan in place if the IRS notifies your client of an audit? If not, this is the course to take. This extremely profitable area of tax accounting is one you do not want to watch walk out the door to another tax professional. You may have a client or a potential client visit your office with a letter from the IRS with a Form 4564 and a large list of information requested to be presented before an auditor. Learn how to read the notices, create a case plan and checklist and other strategies to handle the IRS auditor.


Overview of what to do in the case of a client audit. Engagement, forms, and overall management of an IRS audit.



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CPAs and Accountants.


Begin a civil audit engagement including client onboarding, pricing, engagement letters, Power of Attorney management, and how to prepare for the initial meeting with the auditor. Identify what the notices and forms you will encounter mean and how to read them. Create a case plan and checklist of documentation, files, and other items you will need from the client. Recall the strategies for handling the auditor and the client.






  • Dawn Brolin

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00