Professional Conduct & Ethics - AICPA and Washington Board CPA Regulatory Update - 2022 WEBCAST

Wednesday, March 9 8:00am - 12:00pm PST

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4.0 Credits

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Join Jim Rigos as he helps you understand the Public Accountancy Act and the rules and policies of the Washington State Board of Accountancy. You’ll learn how to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical issues involved in making professional accounting decisions. In this seminar you’ll examine actual case studies to learn how you can make sure you don’t inadvertently violate any of the profession’s four core values. New additions for 2020: the auditor’s responsibility to confirm year-end going concern, the still developing procedure applicable to the new AICPA system of conflicts of interest and independence impairments


This course covers the Public Accountancy Act. along with the related Rules and Policies of the Washington State Board of Accountancy with specific application of RCWs and WACs to the practice of public accounting in the state of Washington. We will also review major provisions of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. This seminar uses actual case examples to illustrate how a CPA may inadvertently violate one or more of our four core professional values of independence. conflicts of interest. and confidentiality.



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How to identify ethical issues involved in making professional accounting decisions. How to recognize the considerations in analysis and resolution of ethical dilemmas. How to apply ethical rules and guidelines to public accounting situations. CPA responsibilities and conduct described in the AICPA and Washington State Board of Accountancy laws, rules, and Code of Ethics. Key differences between the AICPA Code and Washington proscriptions.







James Rigos

4.78 stars out of 5

“Jim’s presentation was free-flowing and very informative.” - past attendee

James J. Rigos, is an attorney-CPA-CMA who has written and lectured widely in the area of professional accounting individual and CPA firm ethics and legal liability. He has been involved as an advocate or consultant in over 200 legal and ethical claims against CPAs since 1980. He was a member of the AICPA’s Accountants Legal Liability Committee and has conducted mediations for accountancy membership organizations. He is a national Director of the American Association of Attorney-CPAs (AAA-CPA) and past President of the Washington State chapter of the AAA-CPA.

Jim is available to teach in-house ethics presentations for company CPE needs.

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Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $164.00