Fraud and Embezzlement: Case Studies from the Trenches WEBINAR

Monday, March 21 8:00am - 10:00am PDT

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Governmental entities are the second largest victims of embezzlement. This seminar examines recent events involving theft of public money and circumstances that allowed the fraud to occur. Case studies we examine include the 2012 $54 million embezzlement from the City of Dixon by Rita Crundwell. The events that impacted the small Illinois town of 16,000 residents was the largest governmental fraud case to date, and spanned an astonishing 20 years. This remarkable story inspired an award-winning documentary, “All the Queen’s Horses.” We will also examine factors that led to scandals involving the Baptist Foundation of Arizona, World Com, Collin Street Bakery and the Ohio American Cancer Society, among others. This course is ideal for CPAs, government finance personnel, all Internal Auditors, lawyers, governance professionals, accountants and human resource personnel.


How organizations can find themselves defrauded due to lax oversight and weak internal controls. How the existence of the “trusted advisor” creates situations where CPAs can drop their professional skepticism. Illustrations of the issues companies should look for in preventing fraud and embezzlement.



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CPAs, government finance personnel, all internal auditors, lawyers, governance professionals, accountants and human resource personnel.


Understand the factors that create an environment for fraud to easily occur. Identify areas where there could be an inadvertent failure to separate duties. Ascertain the proper role of an external auditor and identify areas where independence can be compromised.






  • Allison McLeod

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00