The Tax Bill is Huge! What's Next for your Client WEBINAR

Monday, March 28 1:00pm - 3:00pm PDT

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The return is complete but your client has a huge tax bill! What can you do to help? Or you have a new client and they have historical IRS debt. We’ll outline the top ways for your client to manage the money they owe the IRS. Learn about how the collections system works and how you can be a hero to your clients when working with the IRS to manage their debt.


IRS collection process. How the IRS utilizes tax liens and tax levies to collect back taxes, and the various options practitioners have to help taxpayers. Review of the collection alternatives available, including installment agreements, noncollectable status, offers-in-compromise and bankruptcy.



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CPAs and accountants.


Identify how to begin a civil audit engagement including client onboarding, pricing, engagement letters, Power of Attorney management, and how to prepare for the initial meeting with the auditor. Recognize what the notices and forms you will encounter mean and how to read them. Create a case plan and checklist of documentation, files, and other items you will need from the client. Identify the strategies for handling the auditor and the client.






  • Dawn Brolin

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00