Remote Auditing: Management and Supervision WEBINAR

Friday, April 1 7:30am - 9:30am PDT

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Remote auditing is a necessity now, but even after COVID-19 eases, most accounting firms expect their engagement teams to do a significant part of their work remotely. Managing the client and the audit team, supervising the work and keeping the engagement on track is challenging in the best of times. With the client and team members isolated from each other and working from home, those challenges grow considerably. Even the best run firms are reporting hits to realization of 10% or more caused by the remote work environment. Over time, individual managers and supervisors will learn what works and what doesn’t and adjust their management and supervision techniques to be more effective. The goal of this webcast is to accelerate that learning process, to enable your managers and supervisors to more quickly become adept at managing their teams remotely. Original, illustrative video examples drive this learning event and help participants connect the lessons to application in the real world.


Challenges of working remotely. Best practices for remote supervision of individuals. Remote team management.



Designed For

Partners, managers and supervisors working in a remote auditing environment.


Identify and plan for the challenges individuals face working from home. Apply best practices for supervising and providing guidance to individual team members working remotely. Identify and plan for the challenges of managing teams and client personnel working remotely. Apply best practices for managing and guiding remote teams to successfully complete a project.






  • Michael Ramos

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00