The 5 Essential Elements™ for Developing a Successful Remote Workforce WEBINAR

Wednesday, August 18 3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT

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Remote workforce models have a multitude of compelling benefits. However, to optimize and sustain their full range of perks, organizations should address the following 5 Essential Elements™ in their chosen model: 

  1. Communications
  2. Operations
  3. Manager Development
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Culture

In any organization, aspects of each element could be core strengths, while other aspects may present challenges. AChurch Consulting's presentation will help attendees understand how to take those challenges and turn them into opportunities to enhance their organizations' operational efficiencies, employees' connectedness, and organizational culture.


  • Remote work
  • Company culture



Designed For

  • CPAs
  • EAs
  • Firm Leaders
  • Firm Administrators
  • Accountants


To learn about remote and hybrid work strategies, how to communicate more effectively in a remote environment, and what equity guidelines should be evaluated and monitored.




Presented in partnership by the Firm Administrators Resource Group



John Clese

As Achurch Consulting’s Director of Remote Workforce Consulting, John focuses specifically on helping distributed workforces remain engaged and productive. He drives their research and curriculum to help organizations transform their businesses for the future of work. A sought after speaker, he has been a remote employee in both a staff role and as a Team Leader for more than 15 years, experiencing both the joys of remote work and its challenges.

Before coming to Achurch, John worked for several AMS companies in a product development and marketing role, managed several not-for-profits, and has led both annual and capital campaigns. John lives in West Michigan, loves to cycle, and has a side hustle as a garden designer focusing on native plants and restoring damaged ecosystems.

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Non-Member Price $20.00

Member Price $10.00