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Wednesday, November 10 12:00pm - 1:00pm PST

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Effective practice management is the key to maximizing practice profitability.  Too often the tools at our disposal in a firm make finding the gross profit difficult and we rely on revenue and hours billed to manage our practice. This can be misleading at best and damaging at worst. Learn a better way in this free webinar.

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  • How to organize and analyze your firm's data
  • Evaluating client profitability
  • Measuring and managing partner and manager performance
  • Best practices for identifying and capturing out of scope services
  • Driving accountability and discipline throughout the firm



Designed For

CPAs responsible for (or aspires to) managing a CPA firm or a department/practice within a firm.
CPA practitioners who have clients in the professional services industry.


Better data leads to better insights and results in better decisions.  Learn how practice management can be your competitive advantage to improve profits, increase staff retention, and win the war for clients and talent. 





Peter Mares

Peter co-founded Growth CPR in 2020 and scratched his entrepreneurial itch. In addition to founding two practices as a partner at the global accounting firm KPMG, Peter has also held executive and C-level positions in global, mid-market and small businesses. Peter loves working with businesses and driving improvements in profitability and performance.

He graduated from James Madison University (the Harvard of the south) and received his MBA from George Washington University. His original career objective was to be a psychologist, but the requirement that he learn to train mice put an end to that dream.
Leveraging his experience and passion for transforming businesses, he turned his passion into a business.

Peter and his wife, Kimberley, live in Pennsylvania and stay connected with their seven (yes, seven) children spread out across the country. Peter is also an advisor to small businesses and start-ups through the Executive Leaders for Advisory Boards.

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