Let's Play The 90 Day Money Game! WEBCAST

Thursday, January 20 7:00am - 11:00am PST

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Take your money challenges and turn them into money confidences by playing the 90 day money game. We will address three areas:
INCOME - creating and working toward a Bold Money Goal. IMPACT - expanding your reach in the world with clients and contacts. INNER PEACE - turning the stress around income creation into a fun, peaceful experience. Reclaim your personal power around this important topic! Don’t stay stuck in your story, waiting for the outside world to change before you claim your financial success. Action that is fueled by stress is inefficient and exhausting. Learn how to take action from inspiration. Discover a new way to think about money creation and nourish yourself in the process. Remember.You are you OWN economy. Learn how to create this reality now! The next 90 days will pass by one way or the other - let’s decide to use that time in a clear and direct way to create a Money Breakthrough!


Financial stress assessment. Money creation. Mindset. Limiting beliefs. Resiliency. Skill and talent inventory. Success teams. Money breakthrough. Nourishing the seeds of opportunity. Environment matters. Success habits. EFT for stress.



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CPA’s, Entrepreneurs, Team Leaders


How to choose a Bold Money Goal. The counter-intuitive approach to taking effective actions that really works! Money Mindset - what it is and how to master it as your foundational piece to financial success. The ripple effect of expansion - how changing your relationship with money changes every other aspect of your life as well. Learn the mechanics of playing the game - how to start, track and keep going in the direction of success. An in-depth discussion of how to create an environment that supports your success rather than drains it. How to create your Success Team. A simple EFT (emotional freedom technique) process that will melt the stress of everyday living and keep you focused on your goal. Using the wallet process to give money a good home. Daily habits that help multiply your successful experiences. How to share your plan, take actions and cultivate resiliency.






  • Joy Principe

Non-Member Price $159.00

Member Price $129.00