Anti-Bullying and Sensitivity WEBCAST

Thursday, February 17 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST

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This course describes the various forms of workplace bullying. It addresses abusive bosses, and bullying between co-workers. It explains both how to avoid bullying and how to respond to it in others. The session delves into behaviors that could be considered abusive and focuses on opportunities for sensitivity and tolerance.





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Taking credit for someone else’s work. Repeatedly belittling a co-worker. Withholding essential information. Failing to invite someone to an essential meeting. Ignoring a coworker with the intent to harm or control. Engaging in ongoing passive-aggressive behavior in which words and actions appear harmless but have the intent to harm or control. Constant and unfair criticism. Social bantering and teasing. Yelling, shouting and screaming. Insults and behind-the-back put-downs. Hostile glares and other intimidating gestures. Malicious gossiping. Monopolizing supplies and other resources. Aggressive e-mails or notes. Overt threats and aggression or violence. How to handle bullying in the workplace. Am I the bully?







Tish Times

Tish Times is a sales and networking expert, speaker, trainer, author and the founder of Tish Times Networking and Sales and Tish Times Corporate Training. A corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Tish has grown her business exclusively through implementing the systems she teaches groups, companies, and professional organizations around the world. The key to Tish Times’ training lies in balancing inter-personal and intra-personal awareness with targeted strategy and proven systems. She teaches audiences to understand both their natural tendencies and others’ personalities to enhance communication in the workplace and with potential customers. Tish also shares systems to empower employees with the confidence to effectively communicate. Whether you are looking to improve communication, develop brand evangelists, improve camaraderie, empower your team, or build your presence online or offline, Tish Times can deliver the strategy, tools, and personable approach to revolutionize the success of your organization.

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Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $79.00