Retirement Advising: Accumulation and Decumulation Strategies WEBCAST

Thursday, June 30 8:00am - 4:00pm PDT

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8.0 Credits

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This course offers an in-depth look at retirement needs models, their flaws, and ways to overcome associated drawbacks. You’ll review holistic retirement planning while reviewing threats to a successful retirement. You’ll also hear about recent retirement planning changes, including the elimination of the “Stretch IRA” by the SECURE Act. In addition, the instructor will: Address key questions to plan a comfortable retirement. Discuss strategies to draw down retirement assets over an extended period. Review leading retirement accumulation and decumulation approaches, and how to incorporate them into an effective distribution plan that mirrors client goals.


The downside of traditional retirement asset accumulation strategies. Threats to a successful retirement. Holistic retirement planning: how personal goals integrate with tax, estate, risk, and investment management principles. Matching investment assets with the appropriate retirement plan and distribution strategy. Review the provisions of the SECURE Act and how they will impact retirement planning.



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CPAs, financial advisers, attorneys and insurance professionals.


Determine how to make retirement planning an area of expertise in your practice. Identify traditional retirement planning assumptions, methods, and techniques. Identify how recent legislative changes and research findings are changing the pre- and post-retirement advice offered to clients. Recognize withdrawal techniques that can help extend the distribution period. Determine how to integrate a retirement plan distribution strategy with a Social Security claiming strategy.






  • James Gardner

Non-Member Price $399.00

Member Price $299.00