Tax Considerations in Buying and Selling a Business WEBCAST

Wednesday, July 13 8:00am - 4:00pm PDT

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8.0 Credits

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Review options for structuring the sale of a business from both buyer’s and seller’s perspectives to minimize tax cost. Attendees will consider the sale of C corporation , S corporation and partnerships. This course covers topics not routinely considered in a tax compliance practice but essential to the sale of a business.


Taxable asset sales, sale of stock of the corporation and stock redemptions. Comparison of tax consequences of C corporation , S corporation and partnerships. Tax treatment of transaction costs of acquired intangibles, IRC 197. Seller consulting and employment agreements. Installment sales. Employee stock ownership plan. Tax-deferred acquisitive corporate reorganizations. Net operating losses and tax credits of acquired corporate business. Sec. 1202, Stock Section 1244, the basics of stock Section 754 elections, and Sec. 338 and 338(h)(10) elections.


An understanding of the taxation of individuals.

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CPAs, financial professionals and attorneys.


Recognize tax planning opportunities for selling a business. Identify the tax consequences of using employment and consulting agreements, covenants not to compete, personal goodwill and contingent sales price. Recall how to treat acquired intangibles (IRC 197). Identify the basics of Section 754 and Section 338 elections. Determine how to best transfer ownership to employees.






  • John McWilliams

Non-Member Price $399.00

Member Price $299.00