The Top Ten Business Myths WEBCAST

Thursday, July 28 8:00am - 12:00pm PDT

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As businesses evolve, ideas about business don’t always follow suit. Examine ten business myths while discovering better practices to align an organization with the realities of operating in a knowledge economy. We’ll cover six transformational questions to enhance your organization’s wealth-creating capacity. Also, get answers to the five most-important questions organizations should reflect upon to remain relevant.


Growth for the sake of the growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Effectiveness trumps efficiency. Ideas have more value than their mere execution What determines value and how much customers are willing to pay? Is business a zero-sum game?



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CPAs, executives and financial professionals.


Identify why so much of the conventional business wisdom is more conventional than actual wisdom. Determine how to overcome these myths and focus on what truly matters in your organization. Recognize the six transformational questions that will take your organization to the next level. Recall Peter Drucker’s Five Most Critical Questions for any organization.






Leader Bios

Ronald Baker

Ronald J. Baker is a partner in Baker & Barnett, CPAs, Corte Madera, California, the firm he cofounded in 1988. He is a frequent speaker at CPA events and conferences around the world, and a consultant to CPA firms on implementing Total Quality Service and Value Pricing. He is an instructor with the California CPA Education Foundation and hasauthored five courses for them: How to Build a Successful Practice with Total Quality Services; The Shift From Hourly Billing to Value Pricing; Value Pricing, The Graduate Seminar; You Are What You Charge For: Success in Today’s Emerging Experience Economy; and Alternatives to the Federal Income Tax. He is a graduate of Disney University and author of The Professional’s Guide to Value Pricing, published by Harcourt Professional Publishing.

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Non-Member Price $209.00

Member Price $159.00