S Corporations: Conversions WEBCAST

Friday, August 5 8:00am - 10:00am PDT

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Electing S corporations may find it desirable or necessary to terminate this election and convert to a C corporation. Alternatively, qualifying C corporations may determine the S status to be the preferred tax status. Terminating or electing S corporation status can be desirable with important current and future tax considerations. We’ll consider situations when such conversions are desirable-identifying and discussing tax planning opportunities and complications at conversion.


Reasons to terminate an S corporation election. Involuntary terminations. Voluntary revocations the process and the consequences. Tax planning opportunities related to the termination of S corporation status. Complications arising from a mid-year termination. Limitations on re-electing S corporation status. Making the S corporation election how and why. Built-in gain planning.


Understanding the basics of taxation of corporations, S corporations and partnerships.

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CPAs and attorneys.


Discuss and analyze situations where terminating an S corporation election could be desirable. Consider common situations where S-election may involuntarily terminate. Understand the process and tax planning opportunities related to a voluntary revocation. Evaluate complications related to mid-year termination of S corporation status. Discuss and evaluate limitations on re-electing S corporation status. Consider tax result from making the S corporation election - how and the why. Discuss built-in gain tax planning.






  • John McWilliams

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