Best Non-Google Search Tools for Accountants WEBINAR

Monday, June 6 1:30pm - 3:30pm PDT

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2.0 Credits

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The course explains why you need more than Google to search the Internet and highlights a rich constellation of alternative search engine applications. The session also explains how to set up your own customized online research management platform, and discusses dynamic search strategies (two-step, vertical and lateral searching) that can be used to gain an extra edge when using any search engine. Participants will walk away with scores of new knowledge sources and streams that will complement their use of Google and improve their online research power.


Why advanced search skills are so critical for accountants. Why you need more than Google to search the internet. GARP: Generally Accepted Research Principles. Alternatives to Google. Advisory search. Social search. Specialty search. Search Engine resources. What’s ahead in search.



Designed For

Practitioners who want to go beyond Google and explore alternative search platforms that can be used to diversify their online due diligence and sharpen their digital intelligence gathering.


Identify at least 7 ways Google information needs to be interpreted to ensure the results are taken in their proper context. Use at least 4 general search engines that complement their use of Google. Recognize at least 5 cluster search engines that group information by topic and discover unexpected relationships between topics. Recall at least 4 privacy search engines that do not store your queries or track your steps on the Internet. Access at least 12 user-generated content search engines that index content-text, videos, images, reviews-created by people, rather than brands.






Leader Bios

Garrett Wasny

Garrett is an award-winning speaker and professional development consultant to professionals worldwide. He will help you to thrive in the digital age and unleash your online potential using productivity, search, mobile and social technologies.

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Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00