The New Psychology of Fraud with Dr. Toby Groves WEBINAR

Friday, June 17 9:30am - 11:30am PDT

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This session features the latest behavioral science, demonstrations of experiments, and compelling real-life stories to disrupt everything you thought you knew about fraud. It will spur you to challenge “sacred cows” of the industry and help you develop better thinking approaches to detect, deter, or investigate fraud, waste and abuse. Learn why many of our basic assumptions about fraud are flawed, why some widely accepted investigative practices are more harmful than helpful, and how auditors and investigators sometimes unwittingly assist fraud schemes.


How we unwittingly assist in the production of misleading information. The neuroscience of psychopathy. Behavioral profiling. The new psychology of skepticism. Cognitive errors including attribution and overgeneralization. How experience, intuition and assumptions can cause cognitive errors.



Designed For

CPAs, audit, governance, investigative and compliance professionals wanting to learn more effective ways to deter, detect and investigate fraud and gain a deeper understanding of behavioral science surrounding fraud and related threats.


Identify at least three cognitive biases commonly committed in fraud investigations. Identify at least one psychological theory that should be used in fraud investigations. Identify three characteristics of skepticism that should be employed in fraud investigations. Identify one outdated economic theory that has underpinned fraud investigations and how to avoid it.






  • Toby Groves

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00