Excel - From a Blank Sheet to a Finished Workbook WEBINAR

Thursday, August 11 6:00am - 8:00am PDT

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Have you ever opened a blank workbook in Excel and just stared at it, wondering where to begin? Or do you spend most of your time just formatting cells to make your spreadsheet look pretty? Or do you just wonder if there is a better way to create your spreadsheets? This course is designed to take you from a blank worksheet to a completed report. You will learn to import data instead of manually entering it. Learn that you can use functions and formulas to build calculations that will eliminate the need to manually manipulate your data. You will learn techniques to use your data to build your reports. You will learn techniques to validate your report calculations so you can improve the accuracy of your reports. You will also learn how to quickly format reports and techniques that allow you to efficiently change the format. Lastly, you will learn how PivotTables can provide a more dynamic reporting option instead of using pre-defined report formats. This session is presented using Excel 2019/Office 365. Regardless of the version you are using, most concepts covered in this course apply to all versions of Excel.


Best practices for creating a report in Excel. Getting data into Excel. Techniques to efficiently create reports in Excel. Using PivotTables to create interactive reports in Excel.


A basic understanding of how to use Excel.

Designed For

Anyone who wants to improve their Excel skills.


Recall best practices when creating reports in Excel. Identify ways to reduce manual entries when creating reports in Excel. Recognize features that are more efficient for creating reports in Excel. Indicate how you can use PivotTables to provide more flexibility in Excel reports.






Leader Bios

Bryan Smith

Bryan L. Smith, CPA, CITP, CISA is the co-founder of CPA Crossings in Rochester, MI. He is a CPA with a strong background in information technology and serves as a virtual CIO to CPA firms and professional organizations. He specializes in the planning and deployment of effective technology solutions. Bryan and John Higgins recently authored Ten Steps to a Digital Practice in the Cloud, which has been published by the AICPA.

Bryan helps firm leaders understand the opportunities associated with deploying information technology to improve productivity, enhance client services, and increase profitability. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help CPAs bridge the gap between business and technology.

He is a past chair of the Michigan Association of CPAs Information Technology Committee and the Leadership Committee.

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Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00