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Are You the Leader You Think You Are? WEBINAR

Thursday, April 6 6:00am - 7:00am PDT

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Perception is reality. When it comes to leading a team, you need to align perception and reality to be an effective and engaging leader. With national statistics citing that only 23% of employees are engaged and enjoy their work, as a leader, you have an opportunity to excel where so many others are failing. Based on her work with emerging leaders, Sherre’ DeMao provides insight into how to create a highly engaged team culture.


Engaging disengaged team members. The power of engagement. The smarter way. Why caring matters.


Some management experience is helpful.

Designed For

Professionals who have or aspire to leadership roles.


Create a highly engaged team.






Leader Bios

Sherre DeMao

Sherre is the founder and CEO of BizGrowth, Inc., which specializes in working with entrepreneurial enterprises. She is the author of Me, Myself & Inc. and the upcoming book The Profitability Quotient.

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Non-Member Price $69.00

Member Price $49.00