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Keeping your Clients out of IRS Jail WEBINAR

Monday, April 10 12:00pm - 2:00pm PDT

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Once you’ve been involved in fraud case work, you’ll never prepare a tax return the same again. So says an experienced CPA and fraud investigator who will run down the top ways to keep your clients on the right side of IRS trouble. Technology has changed how we approach a tax return as we fill out the forms based on information that may not be as accurate as we think. Learn how to help your clients implement some basic technology in order for you to provide trusted advisory service to minimize the exposure to potential tax audit issues.


Overview of available technology and resources to help provide attendees tools to assist their clients minimize exposure to tax audit issues. The focus of the IRS is during audits, record-keeping and vital conversations to have with your clients.



Designed For

CPAs and accountants.


Identify what areas the IRS is focusing on during audits. Start a conversation with your clients about the potential for missing deductions due to bad accounting records. Realize how technology is changing the way audits are conducted and how you can protect your clients from potential accuracy related penalties and other issues that may arise from not running their business properly. Recall the basic information that every single business owner MUST have on record in the event of an audit and how you can protect yourself. Prepare a technology recommendation package to your clients to track some of the more problematic IRS audit areas in a bundle and create new revenue for your firm.






  • Dawn Brolin

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00